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History of La Masia Santa Llúcia

This house is the result of a beautiful love story between Marco Massó and Vergés and Rosa Jordana and Marimón. Both were born in the city of Reus during the years 1902 and 1903. In 1960, Marc Massó decided that he wanted to give his beloved a very special gift. Talking to a good friend, he asked if he knew of any particularly nice place to make a house for his wife. The friend, who spent his summers in a beautiful town called Rupit, told him that he knew of a piece of land where a house was located that was in ruins at that time. They are going to go and Marc was so speechless when he saw that place, that he decided to buy it.

The reconstruction of the house had to be a surprise for his wife, so he carried out the works in secret. So that his wife wouldn't notice anything, she pretended that it was her friend who was making the house.

On November 28, 1963, Marc took his wife to Rupit with the intention of finally revealing the secret that he had kept for so long. She believed that her friends had invited them to lunch in order to see the new house. Upon arrival, Rosa went out onto the balcony and when he was able to admire the majestic view that opened before him, she said:

And her beloved husband answered her:
Revealing the secret that he had kept for so long.

Hotel Santa Llúcia

Hotel Santa Llúcia

Our location

Now, 60 years later, the descendants of Marc and Rosa have decided to update the house and turn it into a small quality accommodation so that everyone who wants to can enjoy this wonderful place that their relatives left them. The rehabilitation of the house has been carried out by the hands of people from the land, true artists who inherited the know-how of yesteryear, masters of stone work, wood and iron workers. The typical elements of the farmhouses in the area have been preserved.

The owners have been responsible for decorating all the rooms in the house, reflecting a contemporary, cozy and comfortable style, seeking harmony in the simplicity of materials and colours. Both the rooms and the rest of the rooms transmit peace and comfort. Here nature is the protagonist, the house is only the lens of the camera. The surroundings of the house are a garden that acts as a viewpoint over the views, a swimming pool where absolute calm heals the soul, a place to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature. A privilege for the senses.

Surrounded by the purest and wildest nature, with spectacular views and the flavor of Catalan farmhouses, Santa Llúcia hopes that you enjoy, rest and disconnect in an absolutely privileged environment.